Air Conditioning Servicing

A vehicles air con system requires regular gas re-charging to maintain optimum efficiency.

For best results the system should be serviced every two years. A system low on gas has to work much harder, putting extra strain and wear on the compressor, and ultimately costing you more in fuel to run.

When servicing a system it is imperative that all the old gas, contaminates and any moisture in the system is completely removed before re-gassing, any moisture left in the system can form ice crystals which can seriously damage the compressor.

When re-gassing the correct amount and grade of lubricating oil must be added to ensure satisfactory operation and life expectancy of the compressor is ensured. Just think of an old motor scooter or mower, you had to add two stroke oil to the petrol to lubricate the piston. Well effectively it’s the same in an air conditioning compressor, the pistons need lubrication, so beware of cheap gas top ups, they could damage your compressor.

We offer the latest in machine technology, top of the range fully computerised equipment, used by fully qualified vehicle technicians.

Air-con service

  • Visual inspection of system including drive belt and cabin filter
  • Minimum 20 minute vacuum of system (a must to remove all moisture)
  • System vacuum hold for 2 minutes (leak test)
  • Refill with manufacturers recommended amount of gas and new oil    
  • UV dye added FREE, (an additional charge by many companies)
  • UV dye is an aid to minor leak tracing, should one occur at a later date without the need of a full pressure test
From £75.00 + VAT


air conditioning service

  • Schrader valve replacement Open or Close
    • Both Schrader valves replaced at time of service

    For just £10.00 + VAT (including parts)

  • Nitrogen leak testing Open or Close

    It is illegal to knowingly re-gas a system that has a major leak, also costly in wasted materials and damaging to the environment. To combat this we offer a safe environmentally friendly Nitrogen / hydrogen gas pressure test, with electronic leak detection equipment.

    Only £29.95 + VAT

  • A service to suit you Open or Close
    • Book a while you wait appointment
    • Leave the car with us and collect later
    • Have an air con service while booked in for a repair, service or mot

    Or use our FREE collection and delivery service covering Basingstoke and Reading.

  • Re-gasing Open or Close

    We also offer re-gasing of newer vehicles using R1234yf Gas

    This is a new gas, which is less harmfull to the eniviroment, used by various manufactures since 2011 in new models
    (It is illegal to re-gas a vehicle supplied with new 1234yf gas with the older R-134a gas)

  • Price on application Open or Close

    Fully warranted, competitively priced repair and diagnosis services.

    • Compressors
    • Pipes
    • Condensors
    • Valves
    • Dryers
    • Clutches

    Remember we are a fully equipped repair workshop using fully trained qualified technicians for all our repairs, servicing and testing (not a fast fit operation)

FREE Bulb fitting

Need a bulb replaced? We only charge you for the part, labour is FREE!

FREE Top Ups

Should you require brake fluid, engine oil or steering fluid checking or topping up, between services, that’s FREE 

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