At Mendem Motors we have always had a modern and fully equipped repair workshop. In our new purpose-built workshop we have the latest testing and diagnostic equipment available, to ensure that your vehicle gets the very best care and analysis. As well as Servicing, Air Conditioning, Wheel Alignment and FREE Seasonal Checks, we also carry out...

  • Repairs Open or Close

    Mendem Motors offer repairs on:

    • Clutches
    • Suspension
    • Steering
    • Brakes
    • Transmissions
    • Engine Replacement
    • Head Gaskets
    • Water Pumps
    • Alternators
    • Starter Motors
    • Lamps
    • Electrics
    • Radiators

    Should you need any of the above items replaced/repaired then please complete the quote form/booking form below and e-mail it to us.

    In most modern car engines there is a part, so vital, that to forget its timely replacement can be fatal, not only for the engine, but your pocket! This is the CAMSHAFT TIMING BELT.

    This rubber toothed belt keeps the rotating engine parts in perfect harmony. When they do break this balance is upset, with the inevitable happening. Bent valves, at worst, cost from a few hundred pounds to possibly nearer a thousand... or even a new engine! So, if you’re in any doubt please get us to check it for you. Prevention is better than cure, it could save you a fortune.

  • Engine Management Diagnostics Open or Close

    Using the latest diagnostic equipment and with fault code reading, we are able to offer comprehensive testing of most modern engine management systems.

    New equipment such as the Snap-On Modis and Autocom ADP186 diagnostic and fault-tracing systems are used for electronic engine management systems. In simple terms it will be able to trace most faults, so we can rectify them in the shortest possible time.

  • Crypton Tuning Open or Close

    We have at our disposal the Crypton CMT 2000 engine analyser. This gives us the ability to service and tune older vehicles, together with classic's, that are fitted with distributors and carburettors.

  • Fast Fit Brake Centre Open or Close

    Here at Mendem Motors we are braking system specialists, with our skilled technicians being trained in the field of ABS Diagnostics. We offer quality, genuine branded parts, from stock, on a ‘fast-fit’ basis. From time-to-time we will be offering various FREE safety checks such as electronic brake fluid condition testing. Please check the website regularly to see which offers are running.

  • Chassis Welding Open or Close

    All types of chassis welding is undertaken, working to MOT standards.

  • Parts Sales Open or Close

    We hold, in stock, an extensive range of service related parts to ensure faster repairs, or for over the counter sales, including clutches, starter motors, alternators, discs, pads, drums & shoes.

FREE Bulb fitting

Need a bulb replaced? We only charge you for the part, labour is FREE!

FREE Top Ups

Should you require brake fluid, engine oil or steering fluid checking or topping up, between services, that’s FREE 

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